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Case Study: Brother Product Summit

When the world turned virtual, NMR Events innovated a way for Brother USA to host their product launch in a safe and state-of-the-art virtual environment. Between reduced carbon emissions, money savings and ease of distribution, our client knew a virtual product launch would serve them well. Not only is the reach greater, but the content can live online for dealers and reps to view at their leisure. Brother chose NMR for their 2020 and 2021 product summits, both using a hybrid program model. Here’s a breakdown of what we produced for their product launch in July 2020.

Custom Website Platform

Great virtual events start with a solid platform. This is the digital venue for your event, and Brother wanted a visually beautiful and branded online experience for their attendees. Their website hosted keynote presentations, breakout sessions for classroom style learning and a content hub for downloads and on-demand videos. Having a custom platform is the only way to ensure the website is built around your event. Some platform solutions force you to fit the event into a templated box. Our approach is tailored to meet client expectations.

Brother Virtual Event

Keynote Presenters in 3D Ballroom

Since having a live audience wasn’t an option due to covid restrictions, the solution was prerecorded content. NMR engineered a green screen studio using a 4K camera and jib. This enabled us to create recordings where presenters appeared in a 3D ballroom with stunning results. Some viewers didn’t know the environment was fabricated digitally. At a time when the world was so uncertain, we were able to provide a low-pressure situation for presenters.

Speaker Tech Kits for Brother

Some of the presenters were not able to make it to the green screen studio. NMR was ready with preconfigured technology kits that were shipped to their locations. We sent out a case with everything the presenters needed: two laptops, and a webcam with ring light and a mic. These packages can include green screens, additional cameras lighting setups, or our Quicklink “studio in a box” for advanced remote productions. We’re usually able to capture high-quality content with the equipment presenters already have, though the right technology will elevate your program exponentially.

Brother Classroom Sessions

Brother’s equipment includes the printers you know and love, as well as sewing and embroidery devices. To explain the usage and features, we designed and decorated unique classroom environments based on sewing rooms. For nine days we recorded classroom content to be played back on the site. We used a five-camera set up for a complete view of the detailed actions. The classroom sessions were live on their platform and moderated by our staff for two months after their initial show so dealers could review at their leisure.

Brother Workshops

In their version of breakout rooms, Brother hosted video meeting rooms where attendees could learn from a live presenter. These rooms were loaded with a suite of features to make their content flow, like high-definition playback and document sharing. Smaller groups allowed for networking and personal discussions for the reps and dealers.

Product Launch Videos

Brother had seven new product models to showcase. We recorded the seven products in immaculate detail on a turntable. The content was used in their on-demand videos and presentations but could also be repurposed by dealers.


There are many advantages to a hybrid program, like the abundance of data collected and the platform build that will be used again. Cost savings and ease of replication are two of the main reasons Brother chose NMR as their partner for their 2021 product launch in August. With more than 500 attendees, this type of event model helped them to increase their revenue from the previous year.

Brother also made the wise decision of investing in cameras and equipment for their presenters to broadcast from their own spaces this year. That gives them an opportunity for additional content creation, and cost savings for their 2021 show. Their 2021 product launch will include all the same elements as the previous year, with the added advantage of having done this once before.



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