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Case Study: CNET

When it comes to phones, mesh wifi, or even weighted blankets, CNET has tried and reviewed it all. No product is too big or too small. In 2021, CNET took to CES to review many of the new products being showcased, but there was a problem. How could they review new products without an in-person event? That’s where NMR Events stepped in. With the power of broadcasting and our team of experts we were able to give CNET the opportunity to still showcase their services.

How We Helped CNET

When Covid hit, NMR took a step back to reevaluate how we could still help our clients reach their audience and with that came the construction of ten broadcast ready studios. These studios came in handy when working with CNET. Helping them connect to remote audiences had never been easier. With the use of three broadcast control suites CNET was able to run a live program while simultaneously preparing the next segment in rooms one and two. Master control then switched the live stream, toggling between the output of the two studios and various other sources coming in over the web.

Broadcast Studio

Avoiding Error

In the world of technology and the use of many different moving parts, you start to wonder and question about what possibilities can go rogue. With how big the broadcast was for CNET, the possibility of error increased, but NMR had it covered. Knowing the size of production, technology checks were done extensively prior to the launch of the broadcast. Not only do we double and triple check all equipment but in case of a malfunction during the broadcast we put protocols in place for backup power and internet, which sets us apart from most. Also, we incorporated the idea that each studio has their own dedicated internet service to increase the success in case of a complication.

Rate of Success

As the world returns to normal, the use of broadcasting studios are here to stay. With the success of CNET and seeing how we can connect remote audiences, this will be a new way for companies to expand their audiences to anywhere in the world. Not only that, it opens the gate to use any platform to get your product or service noticed. CNET was a great way to see the success of broadcasting and the use of switching from live feeds to outside streams.



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