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Case Study: SentinelOne

As trade shows come to life again and are branching out with the addition of also being hybrid, Black Hat 2021 was one of the leaders in intertwining live and in-person attendees. Black Hat gave the leaders in cybersecurity an outlet to convey their latest and greatest innovations not only for those who could attend the trade show but also those who couldn’t. One company that was able to showcase their talents was SentinelOne and with the help of NMR Events and Derse, they were able to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

SentinelOne Exhibit Booth

First off, SentinelOne is a company that is redefining cybersecurity by pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology. Not only are they redefining the industry for today, they are redefining for tomorrow to coincide with the growing complexity of cyber-attacks. Threats are changing everyday, getting faster, larger and achieving a higher accuracy rate. One of SentinelOne’s goals is to be a step ahead of these attacks. They are achieving that goal by implementing a new software called Singularity XDR. SentinelOne wanted to showcase this product at Black Hat through a booth that was truly out of this world. The tree-like structure alludes to a company that is always growing and evolving to match the challenges of cyber-attacks.

The design of this booth was created by Derse with technology installed by NMR Events. We were able to bring the centerpiece, a beautiful tree, to life with custom networking. NMR used five lighting nodes to control all the LEDs built directly into the tree and used Resilium to get the desired look. The tree does not have simple LED strips with color gradients but in fact it is an actual image being used to create an ethereal look. With the complex technology NMR was able to provide, we were able to bring Derse’s design of a one-of-a-kind booth to life.

Not only did NMR help bring the tree into existence but we were able to provide all the technology SentinelOne needed. Overhead was a custom banner that flowed seamlessly around the top of the tree without any angled edges by using 90-degree radius tiles and 176 Aluvision 2.5 millimeter tiles. By using a Novastar processor, we were able to make the content custom for the LED banner and were able to blend the rounded edges to make a seamless transition. The base of the tree rests on a floor made up of 341 active Roe BM4 floor tiles. To get the desired pattern on the floor a Brompton processor was used.

Sentinel One Exhibit Booth

NMR Events helped construct the core elements of Derse’s design and also provided the technology of everything in-between. SentinelOne needed four demo stations which NMR provided 55-inch Samsung monitors for. NMR also installed a Unilumin 2.6 video wall for their educational sessions. In total NMR provided 18 core iMac laptops for playback with a Millumin media server.

As trade shows come out of hibernation NMR is determined to turn not only SentinelOne’s ideas into a reality but many other exhibitors. At NMR, we love to innovate with you. Bring us your wildest designs and we’ll do our best to make it possible.



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