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NMR at ExhibitorLive 2021

When NMR began planning for ExhibitorLive, we didn’t know how to fit all our amazing capabilities into one 20x20 booth. After nearly four decades on the show floor, nobody understands the trade show business quite like us. We know that we excel in the world of LED so including that was a must. But what would be the focal point of our booth? That's when the decision to include our touch-less interactive technology came into action.

NMR Events at Exhibitor Live 2021

Our LED Wall at ExhibitorLive

Our LED wall acted as the centerpiece this year where we displayed a crisp and clear video on Aluvision 2.8 mm tiles. LED is one of NMR’s staples and it was a must to incorporate an LED wall into the booth. We are always excited to use LED because of how brilliantly it displays content from any angle. Not only did it illuminate our booth, the way this one was designed and assembled included a closet for storage. We used it to conceal our bags and playback devices during show hours to help achieve a buttoned up appearance on the show floor. Touch-Less Interactive Technology

Our Touch-Less Interactive Technology at ExhibitorLive

Our touch-less interactive monitor was surely the showstopper this year. It caught the attention of most everyone on the isles and attracted them to our booth. This technology used a QR code and a smartphone to control the monitor displaying NMR’s website. This gave the attendee the power to interact with the content by tapping their phone, which was transformed into an active mousepad. This is an amazing concept to help limit physically touching the monitor and works with pre-existing content.

NMR Events Touch-less interactive Kiosk

LED Counters

Having tables for convenience is essential on the show floor, and ours had the most pizzazz of any booth. We were able to display content on fully functional counters. They were topped with clear plexiglass. We used ours to hold business cards and to keep our donuts warm all day, with attendees still able to see the content displayed underneath. The LED counters assemble in minutes and can be used to make any booth pop.

We appreciate all those who attended ExhibitorLive 2021 and stopped by the NMR booth. Our booth only showcased a small fraction of the services we provide. Please reach out to your NMR representative to learn more about any of the technologies mentioned and more.



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