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Hybrid Events Defined

Streaming live events to digital audiences is nothing new at NMR. We used to just call them “events.” With the increased need to reach attendees virtually, everyone is talking about hybrid solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all for events, so this article is going to break down some of the options and give you hybrid events defined.

Our experience in hybrid solutions span the last decade, from remote surgeries to YouTube streams of high-profile events. There are many routes to take, and the one you take should be paved with your intentions from inception. That’s where our specialists and technologists will exceed your expectations. We’re events people and we understand the power of experience.

Choosing the correct technology is based on your budget and goals. Our method is to flesh out both and make sure we have the ideal solution. If you want to use our flowchart to determine your event solution based on a series of questions, click the link below.


When the goal is a corporate event or few broadcasting to many, a studio broadcast might be the right fit. Ideal for product launches and upfront style productions, this can be as simple or as dressed up as you like. This solution is one viewers have seen before and looks like a TV news broadcast. These can even be completely remotely operated through our specialty tech.

Where the broadcast originates from is up to you. It can be in a studio like this 3D environment for Disney, or straight from the office or home. To enhance the audio and video quality of broadcasts, we have a sophisticated broadcast software called Quicklink. It’s the same technology used by the NFL and major news networks. The suite of features makes switching seamless and creates a low risk workflow, even with many presenters.

Multisite Broadcast

A broadcast doesn’t have to be a one way transmission. When there are several sites with presenters or panelists that need to communicate, a multisite broadcast is probably the way to go. Like when reporters correspond with the station, this style is professional and familiar.

Broadcast With In Person Audience

The fun doesn’t have to be completely digital for the audience. We’re first and foremost a live event company, and our expertise in the space is bar none. Our equipment inventory has everything needed for an in person audio and visual experience. Since we specialize in trade shows and experiential, wowing live attendees is right up our alley.

Multisite Broadcast With In Person Audience

You guessed it, we can create as many sites and event locales as your budget allows for. This is optimal for when there are several live events happening simultaneously and they need to communicate and be broadcast online.

Hybrid Events In Person

Presenters can also be brought in completely virtually to a live event. When thought leaders or speakers can’t make it in person, we have the ability to bring them in through video conferencing. The live event feed is seen by the presenters, allowing for a real time dialogue between presenters and attendees. Asking questions is seamless in this environment.

Virtual Remote Recording

Creating a broadcast doesn’t mean you have to go live. Everything can be pre-recorded and edited for approval before the show. Capturing remote presenters for panels or speeches is easily done in our virtual green room environment, allowing them the confidence to nail their presentations. When you want something polished and edited before being broadcast, we can help fill in the gaps as needed.

Virtual With Watch Party

Broadcast your event to any location for one or many watch parties. We usually see these for medical meetings or corporate viewing parties. Take your attendees out for steak or drinks and have them watch your content together. Our Focus Meetings Division specializes in these high-touch meetings, and we have branded touches to elevate the guest experience.

Starting with your event goals and message, we want to build a solution around your event. Fitting projects into boxes isn’t what we do, we design the box to your specifications. The hybrid events defined here are only some common solutions. Bring us your vision, we want to innovate with you.



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