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Quicklink Technology for Hybrid Events

Not all broadcasts are created equal. Between newscasts and sports programming, viewers are accustomed to a show that flows naturally and rarely has technical hiccups. We know our clients expect the same. Quicklink technology for hybrid events and virtual productions is the only way to ensure ease of presenter access and maintain the lowest risk.

Call Ingest with Quicklink

It’s not a call that you eat, it’s a way to take incoming video calls and bridge them together so participants can communicate across physical distance with low latency. We have the highest quality solution for call ingest called Quicklink. This technology is used In professional network television worldwide for seamless switching. The video calls can then be broadcast anywhere and to multiple sources.

QuickLink Technology

Onboarding Presenters with Quicklink

Important speakers don’t always have time or availability for rehearsals. Quicklink's cloud manager allows for a unique link to be generated for each presenter, making the chance of accidentally duplicating a seat in show non-existent. Less comprehensive solutions have a limited number of seats in the virtual green room at a given time. Quicklink creates more seats and the ability to segment participants into private rooms before they enter the live show.

Tech Checks with Quicklink

Some solutions have a learning curve and require an explicit onboarding process to prepare presenters adequately. The reason for that is mostly tech checks. Bad internet and incorrect equipment configuration are usually the culprits. The issue with most call ingests is no instant feedback detailing the problem. With Quicklink, there is an automatic test done when the presenter clicks the invitation link. The results come back with exactly what the issue is so the presenter can adjust. There is also a warning for low bandwidth to fix the internet problem before going live.

Using Quicklink

Remote Configuration with Quicklink

Moreover, if the presenter isn't tech savvy, the Quicklink operator can access the presenter's settings right through the Quicklink suite. With a click, the operator can change the camera and microphone settings and speak to the person before placing them on air or in the green room. They can also be muted or unmuted, among other settings adjustments. When the speakers must get into program easily with no prior preparation, the best option is Quicklink.

Quality Capture with Quicklink

This technology allows for presenters to connect to our servers which output professional video grade signal. The signal output is the highest quality, professional grade signal available. With basic webcams and mics that many presenters already have, we can deliver unparalleled high quality feeds up to 1080p. NMR also provides remotely controlled and managed high-end camera systems.

Overall, there is only one optimal solution for the best possible studio broadcasts. There are many shows that need to run like a well-oiled machine, despite speakers joining only moments before they go live. Can another solution work for you show? Most likely. We’ve innovated with other web conferencing platforms to get around sticky VPNs and privacy settings. The easiest and most presenter-friendly solution is without a doubt Quicklink.



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