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Tesla Tunnel

The size of the Las Vegas Convention Center is mesmerizing. It’s one of the biggest facilities in the world, engulfing a 4.6 million-square-foot space right off the Strip. But the real magic is happening under your feet.

In 2019 the LVCVA became the first client to embark on Elon Musk’s elusive Tesla Tunnel project. The goal was to turn the 20 minute walk from one end of the LVCC to the other into a one minute ride. By cutting down on walking time, attendees are now able to maneuver around conferences in no time. Since April of 2021 the Tesla Tunnel has been up and running and is set for expansion.

Tesla Tunnel

How the Tesla Tunnel Works

Descending the escalator under the LVCC, there are two loops that drive in opposite directions. Passengers are awaited by either a Tesla Model 3 or a Model X heading in the direction of choice. Make sure to buckle up because this isn't a slow ride. Topping at speeds of 40 mph, riders are guided through an asphalt tunnel lit up with red, blue, and green lights. Just shy of a mile, the ride is over in just a few minutes.

The LVCC is an international trade show hub. Events can range from one hall to all thirteen. CES, the largest trade show in the world, encompasses all thirteen exhibit halls, the outside parking lot, and basically the entire Strip. Getting around town is exhausting, and exacerbated by a poor infrastructure when there’s traffic. This is a core reason for the creation of the Tesla Tunnel.

What’s Next?

The tunnel under the LVCC was a jumping off point for what Clark County has in store. Just a few short months after the launch of the Tesla Tunnel, officials announced they are moving forward with a project called the Vegas Loop. This is a 29 mile project that requires 51 stations. These stations range from hotels and casinos, to UNLV the airport. The goal is to alleviate the traffic and reduce emissions. It is estimated that 57,000 people will use the Vegas Loop every hour upon completion.

Although this will be a long and tedious project requiring municipalities to work together, the outcome will be worth the pain of construction. With the addition of the Vegas Loop it will cut down on CO2 emissions and expand the ability to travel across the valley. The Tesla Tunnel and Vegas Loop are designed with the vision of a greener city, impacting our future at trade shows and beyond.



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