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Understanding Video Resolution

What is Video Resolution?

Video resolution is  the number of pixels contained in each frame. Video resolution determines the amount of detail, or clarity, in your video based on the amount of pixels within your resolution.

*Resolution = Pixel width x Pixel height

Resolution highly influences your viewing experience, especially when a video is played on larger screens. Whether it's a live stream or an on-demand video, to help it reach a wider audience, the right resolution is the key.

*The higher number of pixels, the clearer the image will be, whereas the lower the number of pixels get, the poorer the quality of the image will be.

What are the different Types of Resolutions?

Types of Video Resolution

Resolutions  are divided categorically between SD (Standard Definition) videos and 8K HD (High Definition) videos.

In the past, resolutions were divided categorically between SD (Standard Definition) videos and HD (High Definition) videos. A video resolution below 720p was considered as SD. But as display resolutions on televisions and computer monitors advanced over the years, a video was less likely produced in Standard Definition.

720p (1280 x 720 pixels) is the lowest HD video resolution. Though most videos these days are produced in 1080p, 720p is a resolution acceptable for some web content. The reason behind this is due to most instances of web content viewing happen on smaller displays, therefore lower resolution is not as noticeable.

Often known as ‘Full HD,’ 1080p (1920 x 1080p) resolution has become an industry norm. 

However, most recently 4K (3840 x 2160p) has begun to make its way to becoming a regular part of the event industry workflow. While these are standard resolutions, there are some instances when working with LED walls, custom projection, and even some displays that may require non-standard resolutions.

Though multiple factors affect the overall quality of the video such as compression process, frame rate, etc. Resolution is one the most dominant and basic parameters because it directly reflects the details of the frames.


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