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What We Learned at CES 2022

Walking the CES trade show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center left us captivated by the new innovations of the past year. Whether that was the latest in virtual reality or advancements in the world of TVs, no corner of technology was off limits at CES 2022.

If you did not keep your head on a swivel you were sure to miss something spectacular lining every aisle of the LVCC. Even after being cut a day short we were thankful for the in person interactions we got to share after last year was fully virtual. While masks were still mandatory for all, you could still see the excitement in attendees’ eyes as they experienced what were once far-fetched ideas come to life. With companies investing an abundance of time, resources, and money, CES 2022 laid the foundation for a new year of advancements.

John Deere Booth

Trade Show Floor at CES 2022

To get from West Hall to Central Hall, it would take hours to see and experience all that was being showcased. Not only was the show inside the LVCC, but some booths such as Paccar and John Deere took place in the parking lot out front. One central theme throughout CES was the concept of self driving vehicles. We had a glimpse into this world through the tech advancements at Tesla. Following suit, we saw Samsung and John Deere capitalize on this concept to create their own versions of self driving.

Another theme that tied in with self driving was the concept of more sustainable technology. Companies like SK took the idea of sustainability and applied it to all aspects of life. With their interactive booth, attendees traveled along the path of a net zero future to learn about electric powered cars, net zero cities and even the effects of using reusable coffee cups. These ideas correlate to cut the world's carbon emissions by 200 million tons in the next eight years.

From SK conceptualizing extreme carbon footprint reductions to companies like Rainbow who create recycled phone cases, technology is advancing on a more eco-friendly route to preserve the planet we call home.

CES Sign

Sessions at CES 2022

CES is known for its amazing show floor and for the seminars that took place in locations across Las Vegas. From Wynn to Aria you could catch a session at any time. With the conference consuming the Las Vegas Strip, attendees couldn catch CEOs of fortune 500 companies discussing topics ranging from NFT’s to 5G technology and everything between. These talks were designed to give attendees insight into the inner workings of tech’s more profitable companies and let them catch a glimpse behind the digital curtain.

As CES came to an end the big question on everyone's mind was: How can tech reduce our carbon footprint? Whether that means investing in a more sustainable car or replacing single use cups with reusable ones, sustainability is a uniting goal. CES was imagined as a grand meeting of the world’s most forward thinkers, and also brings the wow factor of new gizmos and gadgets that surprise and delight. We are looking forward to next year and excited to see what CES 2023 has in store.


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