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It took 40 years for NMR to build a trusted reputation and a seasoned group of experts in event technology.


Our mission is to use our expertise to exceed your expectations. 

Our Story


We’ve grown up together, both as childhood friends and as a cutting-edge company. In 1983 at the ripe age of 22, Michael Meduri founded National Micro Rentals (NMR) as a computer rental company. Now he leads our company with his brothers, Anthony and Steven.


We came from humble beginnings in the relic of a building pictured, to seven hubs and several hundred thousand square feet of warehouse space. After years of evolving and boundary pushing, we've expanded to occupy the corporate, hybrid, and virtual event spaces as a tech provider. 


Trade shows are where we began, from interactive LED to networking and hanging monitors. We’re the official provider for the trade show of trade shows: Exhibitor. You can find us on the floor there every year showing our capabilities. 


Our second love is corporate events. Be it virtual, hybrid or in person, we like to cover the event end to end with our people. We’ve been streaming and webcasting for over a decade, and dusted off our old tech to make mind-bending strides in the virtual event world.

Original NMR Location
Projection Mapping
Our Team


After four decades, the tech is second nature to us. What makes us special is the humans we’ve collected along the way. To put it simply: we only hire people who share our values and culture.


We're your preferred partner, and your best friends. It doesn't end with our in house team, either. NMR has a network of the best talent in every specialty, and we know how to curate the ideal team for any event.  

We're the type of company that doesn't let anything stand in the way of customer service. Even when our entire truck catches fire. True story. 

the NMR family
Our Brand
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