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NMR Focus Meeting


NMR Focus Meetings Division


This is a product intended to be high-touch for smaller-sized meetings. Focus strips down to the essentials, without reducing production quality. 

Our system of custom processes is designed with boutique events in mind. 

Design Asset
  • Expert level service for small and mid-sized events and meetings. 

  • Professional engineering and ground plans.

  • Perfect for Advisory Board and Speaker Training meetings.


Boutique events, huge impacts.

Don't get stuck with basic-level production when you're looking for a dialed in event. No matter the size, we're ready to give your show some love. ​​


  • Specially trained techs ensure a smooth event.

  • Agile team of experts for minimal staffing and travel.

  • Unique system for transporting specialty equipment.

live event production


Advisory Board Meeting


Our polished and tested system for holding professional meetings uses powerful tech without it being felt in the room. Thought leaders were easily heard with table mics. Remote participants were easily brought in and shown on screen. 


  • Clean and neat appearance with powerful tech.

  • Table mics facilitate communication and feedback with social distancing.

  • Can be broadcast to watch parties, homes or online.

  • High ROI when reaching more people.

  • Can be recorded and packaged for internal review.

advisory board meeting


Seven City Tour

Focus was tasked with designing a regional event in seven cities across the country. We built custom technology packages that required a small team for setup and operation. By incorporating high-end touches like scenic signage, this event was a showstopper at every location. 


  • Custom backlit pillars for directional signage and branding.

  • 200 attendees in each city. 

  • Supported multiple breakout sessions for each location. 

  • Breakouts had remote presenters brought in virtually from other cities. 

Focus Meeting
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