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Our seasoned event experts have translated decades of industry wisdom into a platform that amplifies your message. Say goodbye to the pains of virtual events.

We don't fit your event in a box; we build a custom box around it.


Let's innovate together!

  • Gold standard virtual environments that mesmerize attendees.

  • Engaging gamification and leaderboards.

  • Real-time reaction tracking for instant feedback.

  • Personalized attendee sorting for unique experiences.

  • Seamless registration integration with your systems.

  • Real-time feedback analysis.


We've been on a mission to revolutionize highly-produced experiences that captivate not only the in-person attendees but also the larger virtual audience.

Unleash the power of hybrid events and transform the way you connect, engage, and amplify your message.


Let's redefine what's possible and create unforgettable experiences that transcend boundaries.

  • Connect audiences onsite, remote, local, or far away like never before.

  • Present live to key customers while adhering to social responsibility.

  • Amplify your content, reaching a wider audience.

  • Embrace interactivity and keep attendees engaged throughout.

  • Foster audience participation through dynamic Q&A sessions and interactive polling.

  • Bring speakers to the stage virtually, expanding possibilities beyond physical limitations.

NMR StreamIt Green Room Meeting

If you can dream it, we can 




  • White glove service on location. 

  • Small, agile and COVID safe teams.

  • Always get the right person for the job. 

  • Pristine equipment and appearance. 


  • Sought after Quicklink technology.

  • Ability to bring in presenters from around the globe seamlessly. 

  • Real-time feedback analysis.

PGA Tour Stream
Remote Broadcast Studio


Give your presenters a solution they can gain confidence with. Our Virtual Green Room enables speakers using a suite of widgets, curated to give them the information they need during their presentation. 

  • Full service speaker on boarding.

  • Confidence and tech checks. 

  • Staging area where presenters engage with a facilitator or producer.

  • Speakers can converse with each other.

  • Rehearse presentations.

  • Get virtually put on stage to present.

  • Removed from stage by producers when finished.


Request a demo today to see how

we're changing the landscape of

remote presenting.


Virtual Green Room

Create pre-recorded content, or go live. 


Take something your attendees love and turn it into a wealth of knowledge. With reactions, you can understand what people feel in real time. 

  • During or post event you can watch reactions to see what resonated.

  • Can be broken into groups and customer segments.

  • Visually fun, powerful learning tool.

  • A format your users recognize.

  • Buttons can be customized for branding.

  • Timestamped per click.

  • Graphed data to show clicks over time.

  • Line graph overlay of reactions played with your content.

People ❤️ reactions.

You'll ❤️ the data. 

Virtual Conference


While you may miss seeing people face to face, one thing we gain is a wealth of data. Understand more about what really engages your attendees.

  • Lead generation.

  • Accurate, real-time picture of what’s happening. 

  • Who was at your event. 

  • What events were attended by whom. 

  • How long were they engaged

  • If they asked a question or participated in polling.

  • If they networked and for how long, 

  • Who they chatted with and for how long. 

Let's dive in deep on your goals and see where the data can lead us. 

STREAMit! Reaction Analytics


Breakout sessions can happen on the same site as all your other content, no need to switch to video conferencing.

  • As interactive as desired. 

  • Easily create private rooms for side discussions.

  • Can be added to an existing website.

  • Play games with other attendees.

  • ROI in analytics from your event.

  • Full suite of presenter features:

    • Screen sharing.

    • Draw on screen.

    • Raised hands plus filtering.

    • Q&A and live polling.


Bring the energy of great networking to your virtual event. This tech allows for custom navigation through beautifully designed rooms. 

  • Enter from virtual event lobby. 

  • Once inside any format is possible. 

  • Single space or rooms to choose from. 

  • Can be broken down by topics or by size. 

  • Attendees can be greeted by a host and chat via video. 

  • Easily create private rooms for side discussions. 

  • Attendees can be tagged and tracked.

Give your guests the gift of virtual networking that actually works. Let us show you how. 


If you've ever felt alone while watching a webcast, we have an innovative fix. Our tech enables guests to watch a broadcast in full quality, while seeing their fellow attendees on camera. 

  • Enjoy a broadcast while seeing other attendees at the same time. 

  • Chat during the show about the program.

  • Catch people's reactions to highlight moments. 

Now we can watch together, even if we're apart. 

Virtual Broadcast


Exhibits exist to put your brand and product in front of an audience in a personal way.

  • Safe, encrypted virtual booths. 

  • Live booth attendants via video.

  • 3D-rendered spaces attendees can explore. 

  • Downloads, links, and content hub. 

  • Display informational videos. 

  • Live demos on demand from a brand ambassador.

  • 3D product demos.

Our custom features allow attendees to dive in deep with branded content. 

NMR Expo Exhibit Booth Design


Our custom coded platform has become a trusted pathway to engage your audience. This platform is designed to over-perform. 

  • Registration, directories and content all in one online location.

  • Integrates seamlessly with many APIs.

  • Packages designed to meet your:

    • Budget​

    • Timeline

    • Feature set

    • Goals

We can help you find the perfect solution. 

STREAMit! Platform Level Comparisons


These environments are so versatile in virtual events and meetings. From the common uses to next-level production.


  • Drop in any background:

    • Your image

    • Slide presentation

    • Company logos 

    • 3D rendered spaces

  • Ability to put remote speakers together.

  • Presenters in different locations physically appear in the same space. 


Transform the experience with green screen magic. 

Greenscreen studio

Level-up your presenters. 


Go on-air from home. 

From a basic mic and camera to a standing green screen, we can get your presenters ready to go on-air from home. 

  • Complete tech kits with multiple levels of virtual presenter support.

  • Full service speaker on boarding.

  • Confidence and tech checks. 

Presenter Tech Kit
Presenter Tools


Go beyond the virtual stage with this environment style. We fully consider all aspects of an IRL keynote environment. Every detail is dialed in, from large to small.

  • Speakers can present a slides and videos

  • Demonstrate products

  • Virtually invite the next speaker to the stage

  • Speaker tools like:

    • Slide preview

    • Speaker timer

    • Teleprompter

    • Live Q&A and audience polling


All controlled by off-stage support.

Virtual stage

For that "wow!" factor.



When the world went virtual, Brother printers knew they needed to adapt with a virtual product launch to showcase their new line.


  • Presenters appear on virtual backdrop using green screen technology and two cameras. 

  • Three remote studio locations were fed back to our studio in New Jersey.

  • Locations were able to interact with each other in a news format.

  • Broadcast to over 1000 virtual audience.

  • Used Quicklink, LiveU and SRT technologies.​

Create a visual experience that shows your commitment to excellence. 

presentation broadcast


If you can dream it, we can STREAMit! At NMR we're much more than technology, and we value experience over everything. Whether it's the planner, presenter or attendee, we've broken down the pathways that lead to a successful show. 

Let us use our expertise to exceed your expectations. 

Design Asset