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Redefining Virtual Events

Our seasoned event experts have transformed their vast industry experience into a powerful platform that amplifies your message. Say goodbye to the pains of virtual events.

We don't fit your event in a box; we build a custom box around it. Together, we'll innovate and create an unforgettable experience.

  • Gold standard virtual environments.

  • Gamification and leaderboards for engagement.

  • Real-time reaction tracking and live feedback analysis.

  • Personalized attendee sorting for unique pathways.

  • Seamless registration integration with your existing systems.

Broadcast Studio

If you can dream it, we can 

NMR StreamIt!

Each suite is manned with a core team consisting of a project manager, audio engineer and video engineer. 


Introducing our Virtual Green Room, a game-changer for presenters. Packed with essential widgets, it provides a suite of information during their presentations.

  • Full-service speaker onboarding and tech checks.

  • Engaging staging area for interaction with facilitators.

  • Seamless virtual networking among speakers.

  • Rehearsal space to perfect presentations.

  • Virtual stage presence for captivating performances.

  • Expert producers managing transitions.



Create pre-recorded content, or go live. 

Virtual Green Room

Request a demo today to see how 

we're changing the landscape of remote presenting.

Design Asset


From a basic mic and camera to a standing green screen, we can get your presenters ready to go on-air from home. 

Presenter Support Kit
NMR StreamIt Presenter Kit

Go on-air from home. 

  • Complete tech kits with multiple levels of virtual presenter support.

  • Full service speaker on boarding.

  • Confidence and tech checks. 

Design Asset
Quicklink Video Over IP

Whether it's a remote prerecord, live, virtual or hybrid event, NMR is able to provide the highest quality  production available in the marketplace today. This is the same technology used for NFL and television broadcasts, available for your event. 

High definition audio and video for all your presenters, even with their basic equipment. 


Quicklink allocates each presenter their own private environment within the cloud. This means an isolated stream and bandwidth they don't share with any other users. 

Record high-quality content remotely with ease when harnessing this technology. 

Quicklink technology
QuickLink Manager


Our automated network and systems test  ensure your presenters are prescreened for optimal quality. We can then suggest ways to optimize their equipment if needed.

Quicklink features end-to-end encryption, ensuring that calls, data and messages are safe and secure.

  • Presenters wait in our virtual green room, viewing the event or return feed.

  • Producer ensures everyone is ready to go live and appearing in full quality.

  • Up to eight presenters on air simultaneously with a custom confidence feed, which can include slides, playback, timer and teleprompter.

  • Polling, Q&A and text based chat can be built in. 

  • Simple to use with no apps or software installs required.

  • Unlimited guest invitations, one-time or timed validity for multiple day events.

  • Global network compatibility.


  • Full-frame, 1080p HD video with full duplex, full spectrum audio quality.

  • End-to-end secure encryption.

  • Non-shared bandwidth across presenters ensures non-degradation of quality with multiple participants. 

  • Automatic optimization for unreliable internet networks. 

  • Hosted on robust and redundant global servers.


The Quicklink Manager allows simple and intuitive management of feeds and presenters from one central portal.  Access is possible from any global location using a secure encrypted Chrome web browser connection.

No fumbling with "mute" buttons for your presenters. With Quicklink, all settings can be remotely controlled by the operator. This includes device selection, audio levels and gain. 

Backchannel communication allows for direct and discrete messages from producer to presenter, without your audience ever knowing. 

Design Asset


If you can dream it, we can STREAMit! At NMR we're much more than technology, and we value experience over everything. Whether it's the planner, presenter or attendee, we've broken down the pathways that lead to a successful show. 

Let us use our expertise to exceed your expectations. 

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