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Branded Online Video Chat Rooms

In the before times, most of us rarely used Zoom and other web conferencing softwares. Now it’s a regular fixture, but toggling between computer programs can be difficult for virtual events. Plus, once someone leaves your event’s website you lose their data.

Between content, sessions and communication, a solution that does it all should be considered for the best experience. Branded, online video chat rooms can be integrated into an existing site, and offer a suite of powerful features for presenters.

How does this work?

Using a common API, we’re able to create a webpage that works just like web conferencing with a branded look and feel. We can style the webpage to look exactly like your existing site and link out to it, or it can be included in a STREAMit! platform.

Why does this work?

Attendees sometimes struggle with the shift to virtual and we understand this intimately. This is a virtual feature, built by events people who value the client and attendee experiences above all. Since there is no need to open an additional application, a web-based video chat room is a low friction interaction.

It’s hard enough to keep someone’s attention in real life. Don’t add hurdles to your user experience by requiring many windows to be open. This video chat room can open right in the browser, after asking for camera and microphone access. Custom design options and branding makes this feel even more like a curated environment. These are some of the specific features that can be in your branded online video chat room.


Your biggest ROI in virtual events is the data you collect along the way. When you use these rooms on the STREAMit! platform, each user can be traced. What sessions they attended, when they got there, when they left, whether they asked a question, if they talked to someone from the audience via chat; the list goes on.

Raised Hands

For larger groups, knowing who wants to ask a question isn’t easy for a presenter. There could be hundreds of participants. With our raised hand reaction, the presenter can prompt the viewers to “raise their hand” if they have a question. In a format that’s easy and familiar, they can react to show they want to come on stage. Presenters or facilitators have special permissions so that they can filter by raised hands or search for a certain audience member to bring on stage.

Bring Viewers on Stage

Asking a question gets a digital makeover with this feature since it’s quicker when you don’t need to pass a mic around the room. The facilitator or presenter can move people from the list of viewers to the “stage” with a few clicks. The viewer gets a prompt to allow camera and microphone access, then their video appears instantly next to the presenter where they can ask their question face to face.

Branded Video Chat Room Meeting

Break Into New Chat Rooms

Side discussions happen in person and sometimes that’s the best way to connect one-on-one. Depending on settings and permissions, these rooms can have a button that allows users to create a new video meeting room for side discussions or private discourse. This is a great sales tool because you can seamlessly put someone in a private chat room with a rep. The new meeting participants get a notification asking them to join the meeting, then the chat room disappears once the participants leave.

Respective Layouts

Depending on the content and number of speakers, there are many different ways your room can look. The look can quickly be changed by a facilitator or presenter to respect the flow of your event with a few clicks. Perhaps it begins with one look when presenting, one for a panel discussion, then a final look for when someone is brought on the virtual stage. The options can be custom configured to align with the session intentions.

Downloadable Content for Viewers

Before the event, presenters can preload content into the room for the viewers to access during or after the program. That can be links, videos, downloads and more. With this feature you can also stream HD video directly to your audience so they get a great resolution, unlike a screen-share which can be choppy.

Harnessing the power of these rooms can make the virtual world more engaging and easy to navigate. Our platforms are built around your event goals in order to amplify your message.



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