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An Introduction to the Decimator MD-HX Cross Converter

In the realm of video production, a diverse array of tools is indispensable. Nothing more so than the Decimator MD-HX Cross Converter. These little converters are a pocket sized multitool for a video engineer so let’s review exactly what they can do and compare them to its little brother, the Decimator MD-LX.

Decimator MD-HX Cross Converter


The two principal applications for the Decimator MD-HX are conversion and scaling. In the most basic sense, you can take any HDMI signal and convert it to HD-SDI and just like the Barco Image Pro, you can take that resolution and scale to a different resolution and frame rate if needed. Keep in mind, the Decimator MD-HX maxes out at 3G signal, which means you cannot use this box for any resolution higher than 1920 x 1080P @ 60Hz.  There is a 12G model for any 4K resolutions needs.


Scaling and converting can be paramount when you are using a video switcher that has no internal scaling such as the Black Magic ATEM 2M/E or Panasonic AV-HS 410. Without a Decimator to scale and converter, the switcher itself can be useless.


Besides conversion and scaling, you can pass your signal back out, or use the SDI outputs to split the signal four ways and re-clocking it in place of an SDI distribution amplifier.


If you have a bad cable or monitor on-site, you can also use the MD-HX to generate a test pattern and tone to test your lines.


With all these features, you can pass audio through the converter from end to end.

In comparison, the Decimator MD-LX is a smaller unit that only converts between HDMI and HD-SDI up to 1920 x 1080P @ 60Hz. While it is a useful tool, it’s important to understand the differences and know which to use in what situation.

Decimator MD-LX


The Decimator MD-LX is best used for straight conversion at monitors or if you need to split a signal (i.e. take an HDMI in and out HD-SDI and loop out HDMI).


Here’s a quick breakdown of both of Decimator’s two box’s capabilities:

Comparison Chart of the Decimator MD-HX and Decimator MD-LX


In summary, both the Decimator MD-HX and MD-LX stand out as important devices, and both of which you will find on nearly every show. So long as you understand the tools given to you, both units can be important resources.





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