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NMR's Platform and Landing Pages

After COVID shifted the events industry, many of us had to go back to the drawing board. One of the biggest changes throughout the duration of this pandemic was the switch from live events to the use of hybrid and virtual.

Could this be the new norm? Are virtual and hybrid events here to stay? NMR was able to produce products to help our clients effectively reach their audiences remotely at a low cost with our new platform and landing page options.

NMR Events Streamit! Demo Site

What is NMR’s Platform and Landing Page?

We realized that our clients were concerned about not being able to reach their entire target market, whether that is because of safety, financial or a number of other issues. The number of attendees at in person trade shows isn’t certain, which could be a detriment to both startups and established companies.

NMR understood that we had to step in and give clients the opportunity to engage attendees from their homes. Our platforms and landing pages can be used for both in person and virtual events, incorporating all audiences. These are guidable web pages attendees can log into on the day of the event that gives them all the tools to make them feel as if they were at the event in person. Not only do we offer fully interchangeable web pages, we also have fully equipped broadcasting studios to run all your streams.

Add-Ons for the Platform

When it came to the creation of the platforms, NMR aimed for high quality add-ons. We created features that are interchangeable and innovative, while also implementing tiered packages. These tiers can be categorized as silver, gold, and platinum. After you pick a base tier you segue way into the customization of the login page which can be branded to follow your companies guidelines. Whether you want a username or password is up to you.

Not being face to face with someone can cause challenges. That’s why we built reactions to videos and gamification with leaderboards. This helps to keep the remote audience engaged throughout your streams. The general session of your platform can be customizable as well with placeholder graphics and backups.

Maintaining attention is key when your audience is remote. Another way we ensure engagement is through chats. This can be done in a variety of ways through one on one, group chats, or even requesting video chats. The platforms are equipped with notifications so you’ll never miss a message. Social streams can also be added to see the action taken place on any social media platform.

Leaderboard Gallery on Platform

Why choose our Services?

Not only is it customizable, it is also cost efficient. We understand the struggles that came with the 19-month long pandemic that is still affecting us today. We want a way for our clients to reach everyone. With landing pages starting at $1,500, it is significantly cheaper than attending an in-person trade show.

The different platforms come with interchangeable home pages, along with a general session, scheduling, and networking tabs to help meet your event needs. They are also easy to navigate on both company and attendee ends, but in case someone still runs into an issue there is a FAQ tab to help ease the speed bumps along the way.

NMR Events' quick thinking and devotion to our clients was the underlying reason we created the platforms and landing pages. We wanted a user friendly, yet customizable web page our clients could use for a low cost. Without being face to face we understand there is a loss of engagement, that’s why we implemented a number of tools to keep the audience interacting. Platforms are a new staple of the event industry. Hybrid events are a great way to connect in person and remote audiences and with the use of the landing pages it has never been easier.



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