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Socially Distanced Meetings

Returning to “normalcy” won’t be familiar at first since some states need to maintain three-to-six-foot safe zones. Planning your socially distanced meetings shouldn’t be a headache. That’s why we have a dedicated meetings division you can trust to deliver a high-tech set up, without it being felt in the room.

It’s the common consensus that people want to get back to meeting face to face, though the reality will be that not everyone can travel. Integrating a hybrid approach to meetings is something we’ve been doing for a decade, and now our Focus Meetings Division has refined and polished the process.

Why Focus Meetings?

This is a high-touch service for smaller-sized events. We’re skilled specifically in advisory board and speaker training meetings. Our experience in the medical and continuing education field is extensive. With a team who is well versed in the culture and format of these styles of meetings and more, the outcome will exceed your expectations.

Small, Qualified Teams

Special training and expertise is required to be a tech for these events. When a more dialed approach is expected, Focus is what you need. The level of detail our producers and techs go to is unparalleled, and often unheard of for smaller sized meetings.

Getting the perfect person for the job means a white glove service for the client, and more importantly an agile team. We hold many roles and are able to provide a COVID-safe experience with minimal persons and negative tests required.

Meeting Room

High-Touch Planning

Naturally with high level talent, you receive a comprehensive plan. We go the extra mile and provide full engineering and ground plan drawings. This is very important for socially distanced seating. Knowing exactly how many bodies can fit in the room can require some guesswork normally, and restrictions leave no room for error.

Table Microphones

If it was difficult to hear people before, rest assured the social distance (and possibly masks) won’t help. Our table microphones give each person a sanitary and simple way to speak up. This small change will completely alter how your meetings are carried. People aren’t able to talk over each other, and conversation is more inclusive.

Hybrid Options

Connecting audiences around the world is just another day at NMR. We easily have the ability to stream your meetings to several remote locations, and show various feeds during the program. Presenters can be streamed in live and remote members can video conference in, negating the need for travel.

There are hundreds of ways a hybrid meeting can work, and we aim to build an event that actualizes your goals. Use our Virtual Meeting Selector to find out what type of hybrid event you need. Since it can vary so much, it’s helpful to get on a call with us so we can fit you with the ideal solution.

Branded Signage

Branded Signage

To take your meeting up a notch, our teams can set up custom fixtures and signage. We have an array of options for small branded touches, like pillars and decor. When the guests are special, walking between expensive looking decorations puts them in a position to feel that way. They only look expensive, we promise.

Smaller events can be overlooked as less important, but we believe the opposite is true. These meetings are for c-suites and doctors, where the most important decisions happen. When in-house simply will not work for your audience, we can give you full Focus.


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