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NMR Connect and the Future of Events

After 40 years growing with our clients in this industry, we have learned the best to help you succeed when planning your next event. That's why NMR took to our platform to create an educational webinar with event experts to discuss how the industry has shifted. Host Kyle Morris and guest speakers Dana Ellis and Tess Vismale shared tips on the future of events, as well as tools to stay within a budget, plus much more.

NMR Connect Platform

Future of Events

By assessing trends and analytics we are able to make educated predictions on what we see the future holding. Tess gave insight that the future of trade shows will grow into delivering content through audio. This gives the attendee the option to choose when they want to listen to your content, making it easy to self select content. Tess believes AI generated audio will have a huge impact on events moving forward.

Although having hybrid events isn't a new concept, the way we view them now has a whole new meaning. Instead of regurgitating or mirroring your in person event to those virtually, it has evolved into creating a unique experience for them. Although you cannot take away the power of physicality during an in person event, what we learned is not everyone can attend. By adding a virtual component companies are now able to collect more data and there has been a further reach to those who may not have intended to attend your event in the first place. Moving forward, it was predicted that events will not be completely in person or 100 percent virtual, it will be a combination of the two from here on out. By having this mindset, event planners are including a group that could be significant for a company's growth.

New Roles

Utilizing an event technologist on your team will play an important role moving forward. Event technologists do not fall under one category, they dabble in IT, marketing and coordination. People in this role are looked at according to Tess as a “SuperPerson.” This is someone who works and advocates for events. They look and filter the data that comes out of events and make recommendations. With the importance of this role, companies can outsource to a consultant for a short period of time or they can find someone internal. There is also a different take on event planners now and how they have evolved into understanding the tech world and the importance of incorporating technology into their events.


Many worry that planning for an in person event with virtual components can start to add up. Although adding a virtual component will cost you, it will not break the bank. There are cost effective simple options that allow you to stream your event at a relatively low cost. By adding a small amount to your budget you are now able to reach those who can't attend. Planners can also decide to increase their budget and create a complex platform for those attending virtually. Your budget reflects your event and what you want to get out of it. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune and including every feature available. This means do what works for you and your event. Invest in what will elevate your event.

NMR Platform

Analytics of your Event

Analytics are possible for in person events such as who registered and who attended.

The difference though with having a virtual component is now you can see who sat in, how long they were in your event for, and if they had any interaction throughout the event. With this data you can now assess what to and where to spend your budgets, as well as what aspects need improvement.

Understanding how to incorporate this advice and finding a balance that makes sense for you can make a world of difference. By meshing together virtual and in person you can plan for the undecided future and potential cancellations. Whether that be an issue with the venue or with the talent, you have a virtual component to fall back on. In all reality spending more upfront for a virtual component could save you the loss from an event cancellation.



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