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Why Choose NMR?

According to Malcom Gladwell, a bestselling author, researchers have come to believe the 10,000-hour rule. What is that you might ask? Proclaimed researchers have solidified the magic number of 10,000 as being the amount of hours someone needs to put into a task to become a well-seasoned expert.

NMR Events has logged over 350,000 hours of hard work, making the company exceed expert status in technology. Throughout these years, 40 to be exact, NMR has perfected its presence in A/V and trade shows. When it comes to an event, we pride ourselves on being relentless and standing out from the rest.

NMR Events, 1999

Versatility of NMR

With a pandemic lasting over a year and a half, we have also shifted from in person to hybrid and virtual events. Hybrid events have taken off since the beginning of the pandemic. Many companies are now adapting to the idea of hybrid. NMR has been doing them since 2008, making us again well-rounded experts in the field.

We understand the change in times and have implemented solutions for our clients that allow them to present their product to customers in a safe way. How we do that is through STREAMit! our virtual program we have put into place. This allows you to still reach your audience and records the analytics to help you better understand your broadcast or presentation. NMR is dedicated to doing what some competitors failed to by moving into this space.

Scalability of NMR

NMR Events flourishes in scalability. There is no project too big or too small. Whether a company needs a monitor or two, all the way up to giant booths like Samsung at CES, NMR Events can do it all. With being so scalable that doesn’t limit us to pop-up events, but also permanent installations as well. Being in the business for so long, along with our seasoned experts, we have the knowledge and technology needed to do all events and for them to go off without a hitch.

Samsung Booth at CES by NMR Events

Gear Process of NMR

NMR sets itself apart by being fluid with equipment throughout our six hubs in the United States. If we don’t have the equipment needed at one location we coordinate between hubs to fulfill the order. Inter-office transfers make it easier to fill orders and help bring the client’s vision to life. In addition to the movement of equipment, NMR has researched and invested in the best casing for equipment to travel in, that way it gets to its final destination safe and ready to be set up.

Not only do we spend time in the research of transportation but also in all equipment that we invest in. When we produce an order for a customer, we know that they are getting the best quality for their money. With the gear process that we have implemented it also gives us a leg up in turnaround time, making it easier to fill customer orders.

NMR Service

NMR Events has been in the business long enough to see all the hiccups and mishaps that can happen when it comes to show time. We are a company that is dedicated to telling your story through technology and being there for you throughout the whole process. We’ve seen every malfunction and know what needs to be in place to take care of it within minutes. We are committed to the service we are providing and can back that up with our outstanding, long-lasting reputation. NMR Events isn't here to do what is asked but to go above and beyond to exceed all expectations.



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